The day will start with a short introductory speech after which the teams will be guided to the contest area where they will be given the chance to solve some sample problems. In this way, the teams are given the opportunity to get acquainted with the setup they will be using during the real contest and any issues that may occur can be solved.

After a lunch and some last minute remarks, the 5-hour lasting contest will start. During the last hour of the contest, the scoreboard will be frozen so that the outcome of the contest will remain a surprise. After the Jury deliberation, the solutions to the problem set will be briefly explained by the Jury and the prizes will be presented. During the informal drink that follows, the contestants will be able to socialise with each other and evaluate the day, looking back at a wonderful experience.

The registration and contest is held in Building 35.

9:00 —  10:15Doors Open. Registration & Coffee
10:30 — 11:00Introduction
11:15 — 12:00Test session
11:30 — 12:30Lunch
12:30 — 12:45Last minute remarks
13:00 — 18:00Official contest (scoreboard frozen at 17:00)
18:00 — 18:30Jury deliberation
18:30 — 19:00Prize ceremony
19:00 — 21:00 Dinner and closing drink

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